Mission Statement:  Like-minded women connecting to enrich our understanding of the world and to contribute toward building a better future for our community and beyond.

Article I – Name

  • This organization shall be known as Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to:

  • ·      Extend the principles of a liberal perspective by discussion and by identifying opportunities for individual action

  • ·      Gather and disseminate information regarding current and political issues of local, state, and national interest

  • ·      Provide a networking forum for like-minded women to share and discuss issues of common interest

We are neither a political or service organization, although we have interest in both and draw from these groups for some of our speakers. The Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry is not party-affiliated.

Article III – Membership

Any resident of the Lowcountry (part or full time) interested in the purpose of this organization may become a member.

Article IV – Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall consist of the following committees, which may be co-chaired:

Chair                   Immediate Past Chair

Treasurer             Communications/Website

Newsletter            Special Events

Programs             Registration

Membership         At-Large 

Terms will run for two years, beginning January 1 and ending December 31, renewable for one year at a time at the discretion of the Steering Committee. The Immediate Past Chair is a non-voting position, serving a term of one year, beginning on the first day of the calendar year immediately following her term. Recommendations for vacancies are considered in late summer. Steering Committee members shall be members of the LLL while serving. If a Steering Committee member resigns or is unable to serve in the middle of a term, the vacant position can be filled by the Steering Committee.

Article V – Dues

The fiscal year will run from January to December. Dues will be collected when a member joins. Memberships may be renewed and dues collected on the anniversary date. When membership lapses, members may renew via the website. Members may view the website but are unable to register for events until dues are paid. Annual dues are currently $25.

Article VI – Meetings

In general, meetings will be held monthly. The steering committee has the discretion to modify the meeting dates. Each member may bring one guest as long as space is available. There will be a surcharge for guest lunches.

Article VII – Dissolution

If and when the Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry dissolves as a group, any money left in the treasury will be donated to the League of Women Voters Hilton Head/Bluffton.

Article VIII—By Law Change

Any changes to the by laws must be by a majority vote of the Steering Committee.

Revised - June 6, 2022

Copyright 2023 Liberal Ladies is a 501(C) 7 non-profit organization.  All rights reserved.

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