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  • 12 Oct 2020 7:37 PM | Maureen Korzik (Administrator)

    Poll Watchers Needed

    Poll Watching is an important function for a fair election. Both the Democrats and Republicans are permitted to have Certified Poll Watchers for the election. Poll Watchers are there simply to observe and report any irregularities. You will be the eyes and ears of the Democratic party as we experience this election. Training will be provided to help you identify issues with instruction on how to report those issues to the SC Democratic Party for possible action. 

    Training has been standardized and will be done online this year by the SC Democratic Party. Training (2 hours) is a requirement to be certified. Certified Poll Watchers will be given credentials and a name badge showing they have the right to observe in the polling place. 

    We will need Poll Watchers at each polling place for Election Day, November 3, as well as, for observing the early voting at the Beaufort Co Government Center, 539 Wm Hilton Parkway and 61B Ulmer Road in Bluffton. Absentee in-person voting is Oct 5 to Nov 2 from 9 am to 4 pm. Election Day shifts will be 3 hours each and early voting shifts are 3.5 hours.
    If you can support this very important function, please go to the SOB Democratic Club website for detailed instructions on the registration process. If you have questions, please contact:

    Phone banking Opportunities

    The South Carolina Democratic Party and Coordinated Campaign is excited to be moving into October and GOTV efforts with all of you! We're nearing the homestretch and it's going to be vital that we are talking on the phone to as many South Carolinians as possible during GOTV. With that in mind, we have built a statewide volunteer center, called Fort Hope, for volunteers to join virtually as we make calls to voters in South Carolina. 

     SCDP Fort Hope!  From the South Carolina Democratic Party

    Fort Hope is the GOTV nerve center for this important election year! It's important now more than ever before in South Carolina to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. 

    Fort Hope phone bank events are every day of the week, flexible in time! For every event, there is also a Zoom Virtual Office where organizers will be providing training, assistance, and camaraderie as we work to win big on November 3rd!

    If you've never done a phone bank, don't worry we will help train you on what you need to be successful. We look forward to working with you to get out the vote in South Carolina.

    Fort Hope Open Virtual Phone Bank -

    Fort Hope Dialer Phone Bank

  • 7 Oct 2020 3:44 PM | Maureen Korzik (Administrator)

    As many of you know, a group of members of Liberal Ladies, participated in the making of "The Glorias" movie, based on the life of Gloria Steinem. It's now showing on Amazon Prime. If you do get to see it, be sure to watch the credits at the end, because Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry is cited near the very end of the credits. 

  • 27 Sep 2020 2:49 PM | Maureen Korzik (Administrator)

    The League of Women Voters of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton Area invites the public to join in two more Candidate Forums.

    Please Note: Advanced registration is required.

    The Hilton Head Island Town Council Candidate Forum will be held on Monday, October 5th at 2:00 PM.  This is a non-partisan race.

    -  Ward 1:   Alex Brown            Peter Kristien

    -  Ward 3:   David Ames           Tommy Reitz

    -  Ward 6:   Glenn Stanford      Kent Loper Berry

    To register:

    The SC House of Representative Candidates Forum South of the Broad will be held on Saturday, October 10th at 2:00 PM.

    -  District 118:   Bill Herbkersman (R)  Mitch  Siegel (D)

    -  District 120:  Weston Newton (unopposed)

    -  District 123   Jeff Bradley (R)   Christine deVries (D)

    To register: : 

    If you have any questions for the candidates, please submit them to Trish Montgomery at

  • 27 Sep 2020 12:46 PM | Minerva Castro-Hernandez

    For starters, there is good - and mostly up to date - info on about absentee voting.

    There are 3 ways to vote:

    1.  In person “on a machine” at your local polling place on Nov. 3rd.

    2.  Absentee (early) in person “on a machine”

    3.  By absentee mail-in ballot.

    These further clarifications apply to options 2 and 3.

    ·       Anyone can vote absentee, no excuse needed.

    ·       If you wish to vote absentee early in person “on a machine”, you SHOULD NOT send in an application for a mail-in ballot.  You will fill out the application when you go, then vote on a machine at the same time.  Early voting will be available at the 3 Beaufort County voter registration offices in Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head.  

    ·       The new satellite office will open 10/5/2020 on Hilton Head at 539 William Hilton Parkway, office hrs. Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

    ·       If you have already sent in an application for an absentee ballot, and then change your mind and decide you’d prefer to vote in person “on a machine” - whether early or on election day - you will not be able to do so UNLESS you surrender your absentee ballot at one of the three Beaufort County registration offices and they enter this into their system - note, it is possible that if trying to do this on Nov. 3rd, the information the poll worker has is not up to date, requiring that they call the board of elections to determine your status and leading to possible delays in your ability to vote.  It’s better to vote early, since you can surrender your ballot and vote early at the same location at the same time.

    ·       Absentee ballots will be mailed the week of 10/5

    ·       IF YOU BRING AN ABSENTEE BALLOT TO YOUR POLLING PLACE on 11/3 AND ASK TO VOTE IN PERSON YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO SO.  Absentee ballots can only be surrendered at one of the 3 county voter registration locations.  

    ·       You can return your absentee mail-in ballot by mail or in person.  The in-person locations are the 3 county voter registration offices.  You must return it during office hours. 

    ·       There will be NO DROPBOXES anywhere, including at the 3 county voter registration locations 

    ·       If using a paper absentee ballot, make sure to follow all instructions carefully so that your ballot is not rejected.  After some back and forth in the courts, a Witness signature WILL BE required.

    ·       And, the obvious - if using the mail, send it back as early as possible!

    Info on the 3 Beaufort County locations can be found here:

    Beginning 10/5, all 3 will offer the following services:  in-person early voting, drop-off of completed paper absentee ballot, surrender of paper absentee ballot 

    Hope this helps and that I haven’t added to your confusion!

    Submitted by:  Lauri Mitchell

  • 27 Sep 2020 12:38 PM | Minerva Castro-Hernandez

    For more Information please contact Linda Devillier



    Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued this order reversing a lower court’s ruling.

    A “witness for mail-in absentee voting  does not have to be a registered voter, S.C. resident or legal age.  

    A witness can be a spouse, relative or friend.

    A witness only signs one’s name & date on the return envelope.

    for more info:

  • 24 Sep 2020 3:32 PM | Myla Lerner

    As a lead Broadway producer on the show What the Constitution Means to Me, I am thrilled to announce that the filmed version of this award-winning play created by and starring Heidi Schreck, will premiere on Friday, October 16, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.  Just a brilliant piece of theater!

  • 22 Sep 2020 8:04 PM | Maureen Korzik (Administrator)

    S.C. Voting Bill – H.5305

    On Sept. 16, Governor McMaster signed into law H.5305, a bill authorizing several pandemic-related changes to the management of the general election in Nov. Highlights include:

    · All qualified SC Voters are now eligible to vote absentee. This includes voting absentee early in-person and voting absentee by mail.

    · Early in-person voting begins Oct. 5. Rules for photo ID required to vote at polling places apply. Absentee This includes: SC Driver’s License; SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles ID Card; SC Voters Registration Card with Photo; Federal Military ID or US Passport

    · A completed mail-in ballot can be handed to an election official at a county or satellite election office anytime between Oct. 5 and Nov. 3, but not at ordinary polling places on Election Day.

    · The process of preparing absentee votes for scanning can commence 48 hours early, on Sunday morning, Nov. 1.

    · Deadline to register in person to vote is Friday, Oct. 2, 2020.

    · Deadline to register online to vote is Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020.

    · Deadline for registering by mail to vote is postmarked by Monday, Oct. 5, 2020.

    · NOTE: Hilton Head’s satellite Elections Office, scheduled to open Oct. 5, will be located in the Beaufort County Govt. offices, 539 William Hilton Parkway. For more information:

  • 14 Sep 2020 6:19 PM | Suzi Huisman (Administrator)

  • 9 Sep 2020 7:46 PM | Anonymous

    In response to the continuing need for voters to have the most detailed information possible about upcoming local and state elections, the League of Women Voters of Hilton Head Island and the Bluffton Area and the Beaufort League have joined together to plan and present the following Candidate Forums. 

    We cordially invite the public to visit our website at and register online for each of the four Zoom Candidate Forums. 

    It is important that the candidates know that as many of their constituents as possible are registrants for these forums. We are counting on your participation to make these Forums meaningful for you and for the candidates.

    Beaufort County Council Candidates Forum

    Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Beaufort County Board of Education Candidates Forum

    Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    SC State Senate Candidates Forum

    Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 10:00 am

    Hilton Head Town Council Candidates Forum (Ward 1,3 and 5)

    Monday, September 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm

  • 6 Sep 2020 4:02 PM | Anonymous

    "The Glorias" produced by Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment premiers on Amazon Prime on Sept 30.  Some of our Liberal Ladies were extras when it was filmed in Savannah!

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