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6 Apr 2021 11:08 AM | Minerva Castro-Hernandez

Dear Fellow Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Other Kind  People:

Back in June 2020, our group was formed to help the Mayor and Council of HHI develop and vote into law, in time for the July 4th tourist vacationers, a group of anti-Covid prevention mandates, commonly called "Mask Laws." We worked with Bluffton, Beaufort City, Port Royal Town, Yemassee and Unincorporated Beaufort County. All passed these laws and the County was our toughest fight.

Every 60 days the laws came up for renewal, and we had to lobby all over again. Anti masking law groups became loud and vocal, and did outdoor demonstrations, ignoring mask laws and social distancing rules, which we couldn't counter, without putting ourselves in harm's way.

We have 2,000+ locals in our  group now.

For a while, we had 'calls to action', asking our members to email council members. After mayors and council members told us they were getting 400+ emails from us, they said one email from us, would represent all members wanting 'mask laws' renewed. Hence we are ASKING FELLOW LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE, DEMOCRATS, TO CLICK ON TO THIS FACEBOOK PAGE, AND CLICK 'JOIN'. This will get our member count higher.

In January 2021 our group took on another task. We are working directly with SC DHEC, our local hospitals, chain and local pharmacies, doctors' offices, MUSC, and even GA and NC locations to achieve swift and equitable vaccine appointments and vaccinations.  We help folks without computers or those who are not computer savvy to get appointments. 

We have also provided volunteers to local vaccination locations to help with paperwork, patient flow, and we have had many of our retired nurses and doctors volunteer to give shots. We announce when shots are available, and help anyone get a vaccine. Pharmacists for example let us know when they have extra vials at the end of the day, and we send people asap to them.

We are working with local Walmart Pharmacies who have partnered nationally with Uber to get 'free' rides for vaccinations. Uber via Walmart gets paid by Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies.

We do much more as well. So we are asking for your support by clicking 'join' at

Toni Valenstien, Bluffton and

Art Segal, HHI

co-administrators of the FB group

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